Meet multi-instrumentalist Pete!

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Welcome to today’s instalment of Meet the Team! Peter is a veteran teacher here at PMA, so here’s a bit of background! 😁

Name: Peter
Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Piano, Banjo, Ukulele
Favourite artist: The Beatles

Peter discovered his interest for music at an early age, and still remembers being blown away the first time he heard Lose Yourself by Eminem! After picking up the guitar around age 8, he steadily progressed and found himself exploring more band-led music like Metallica, Iron Maiden and Guns’n’Roses. His interest soon turned into a passion, and after achieving a Master’s degree(!) in Music Performance and establishing himself in a successful function band, he decided to start branching out with different instruments including the piano and bass guitar. He also picked up the banjo to help pursue his interest in tradition Irish music!

Peter has been with us for a good 5 years, has always been an extremely busy teacher and is involved in many different projects across the board. We think it’d be quite fair to say he is one of PMA’s staple teachers!

🙌 Fun fact… Pete has recorded in the same studio as Pink Floyd recorded Dark Side of the Moon!