Meet The Harmonic Wizard – Mike

In Meet the Team by Ben Jinks

Welcome to today’s Meet the Team. Today’s edition – Mike! 🙌

Name – Mike

Instruments – Piano and bass 🎹🎸

Favourite artist – Pink Floyd

Background – Mike began his music training early when he started classical piano training at 7 years old. It was at around age 12 that he also picked up the bass, and started teaching himself on both instruments. A healthy diet of classical music and rock bands like Pink Floyd allowed Mike to really flourish as a musician, and it wasn’t long before he began his studies at the prestigious Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM).👨‍🎓 By the time he graduated, Mike’s originals band was firmly established and he was gigging regularly – with many of his shows taking place in the Netherlands. Since then, Mike decided it was time to focus on his teaching and joined PMA in 2019. He very quickly become a hit with students, and has now cemented himself as a very busy and much loved member of PMA! 😁

Fun fact – Mike has performed with British rock band Marillion, and won their hearts with his well intended but very bad Liam Gallagher impression at the after party karaoke.