Instrument Spotlight – Drums

In Instrument Spotlight by Ben Jinks

Today’s instrument spotlight is brought to you by Drums! Primal yet satisfying.

It’s more than hitting things you know? The dexterity required to play the drums surpasses guitar, bass and piano alike. Imagine using every limb to do a different job? Bass drum on the right foot, high hat on the left, high hat and snare with the hands. Even thinking about it questions my musical rhythm ability. How do they do it?

Like the bass guitar, the drums create a sturdy foundation in which harmony and melody can be built, the drums are the driving force in any band. Rhythm is key! It has been said that drums are the most fun because you get to hit things, but I think it’s more intwined with how us humans exist, we walk to rhythm, our hearts beat at a rhythm, it’s a completely primal experience that can also get other people moving to the beat. It can be play simple yet sturdy like Ringo Star or like a man possessed like Keith Moon from the Who, from paradiddles to polyrhythms, the drums can be simple to complex that blends comfortably in all genres.

There are so many famous drummers! Dave Grohl, Ginger Baker, Stewart Copeland, Phil Collins, Shelia E, Roger Taylor, Neil Peart. The list goes on and on, if stardom is what you’re looking for them drums could get you there!

Listen to these monster drum tracks:

‘Toad’ – Cream

‘21st Century Schizoid Man’ – King Crimson

‘Seven Days’ – Sting

‘Rosanna’ – Toto

‘No One Knows’ – Queens Of The Stone Age

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