Meet the Veteran – Lewis

In Meet the Team by Ben Jinks

Welcome to Today’s Meet the team, today we introduce our old timer – Lewis!

Name – Lewis

Instruments – Guitar and ukulele 🎸

Favourite artist – Led Zeppelin

Background –

Lewis started his guitar journey as a teenager, where he started learning songs by classic pop punk artists such as Blink 182 and Sum 41. Lewis realised just how much he loved the guitar, so he started taking private lessons to improve his playing. After Lewis became serious about his guitar playing, he went to ACM to study music and began performing with various function bands. He also discovered a passion for classical music, and performed many solo classical pieces for his course. Lewis has been with PMA for 5 years and maintains a large amount of happy students, it’s a pleasure to work with him and we’re very happy he’s here!

Fun fact – Once sat directly next to Ian McKellen on a coach on the way home from a festival. We were certain this meant a PMA shoutout in his next film but we haven’t heard anything just yet.