Meet Piano Teacher – Lisa

In Meet the Team by Ben Jinks

Welcome back to another Meet the Team. Meet Lisa! 🙌🎉

Name: Lisa

Instrument: Piano 🎹

Favourite artist: The Beatles

Background: Lisa began learning the piano from a very young age. Her dad was a musician and encouraged her to copy and play along with what he was doing, which was a great way to train her ear! Lisa enjoyed learning the instrument through lots of 60s and 70s music, and began formal lessons at 12. From there, she began gigging in pubs, churches and various other venues. Lisa has lots of experience teaching both 1 to 1s and in schools, and has even spent a year in Berlin doing youth work! Lisa is a newer addition to the team and has been with us for just 4 months. She’s already made a big impact, however, and is already popular with students and staff alike. She is always a positive, smiling face and we are grateful to have her on the team! 😀🥳

Fun fact: Can make an impressive pigeon noise with her hands. Be sure to ask for a performance if you see Lisa in the academy 😂