Ukulele Jam Night Sheet Music

Here you can find sheets for all the songs we have played at our ukulele jam night events. They’re all PDF files and free for you to download, print or save to a tablet for use at the jam nights or for practice at home. The songs that are new for the next jam night are at the start marked with **.

PMA Ukulele Jam nights take place on the last Wednesday of each month at the Spice Island Pub in Old Portsmouth (except December when it’s on a different Wednesday). We start at 7:30pm and it’s £5 to take part. Dates of upcoming jam nights are:

  • Wednesday 27th April 2022
  • Wednesday 25th May 2022
  • Wednesday 29th June 2022
  • Wednesday 27th July 2022
  • Wednesday 31st August 2022